Speaker Bio

Dr. Kirby Stafford III

Dr. Kirby Stafford III

Medical-Veterinary Entomologist, Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station

Dr. Stafford is Chief Entomologist of the Department of Entomology and State Entomologist at The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station. His research area is the ecology, distribution and control of the blacklegged tick, and more recently, the lone star tick, Amblyomma americanum, with a major focus on natural, biological and integrated tick control. Dr. Stafford has authored or co-authored 72 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and produced a Tick Management Handbook. Dr. Stafford obtained his bachelor’s degree in Entomology from Colorado State University; master’s degree in Entomology from Kansas State University; and Ph.D. in Medical-Veterinary Entomology from Texas A&M University.


Tick Biology, Behavior & Control: Addressing This Growing Public Health Threat

April 17 @ 4:10 PM